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The New Version of Microsoft Window 11 UI Leaked Online

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After a Chinese Website, Baidu published screenshots of the latest version of IOS of Microsoft Windows 11. Its new interface, start menu, and a lot more features. However, it is a stunning Windows version that will provide more functionality than usual.

The new Windows 11 Start menu and user interface are quite similar to those present in Windows 10X. Microsoft was working on making Windows more user-friendly for dual-screen computers before abandoning the project in favor Of Microsoft Windows 11. Therefore, a lot of changes have been observed alongside the taskbar that is clearly visible.

This new Start menu is a scraped latest version IOS of the one found in Windows 10. But it lacks Live Tiles. The option to quickly shut down or restart Windows swap 11 devices, as well as pinned apps and recently used files, are all included.

Search, Start Menu, and Taskbar

The redesigned Start Menu is the first thing that we noticed with Version Of Windows 11. This is one of the most exciting developments for us. Despite the fact that it is contentious. The new design heralds a new age of Windows for Microsoft, as Windows 10 fades into the background.

Instead of being off to the left as it has been since Windows 95 (except in Windows 8), Microsoft has moved the Start Menu to the center, however it may still be moved to the left if desired. 

The Taskbar is also centered, so apps appear in the center of your display. Where your eyes naturally go. Then there’s a new search icon, which brings up a floating search bar instead of the off-centered box found in current Windows swap editions. This, like macOS or Chrome OS, helps you put the things that matter most to you front and center, and it’s quite cool.

New Animations & Improved Touch Controls

There are now a plethora of animations available with Windows 11. Moving windows around your screen for multitasking creates a hazy appearance in front of your background. Touching the top of a window with your finger will reveal a new window outline, allowing you to see where it will go and how Windows 11 Pro downloads.

When you touch a window with your finger, the latest version of IOS Windows 11 shows you a larger depiction of where it is moving. If you have a tablet, this makes it easier to use Windows. A redesigned keyboard is also included in Windows 11. It supports adding GIF pictures, as well as providing a clearer representation and improved auditory feedback when you press keys.

Widgets(Microsoft Windows 11)

Widgets are the last item on our list. These are making a comeback after Windows Vista, Microsoft Hotmail signs in and it couldn’t come at a better moment. With a click of a button in the taskbar, you may summon widgets and be launched into a new UI that includes the time and “tiles” with particular information. Moreover, these widgets, like Microsoft Hotmail, sign-in, Microsoft’s News, and Microsoft Hotmail, sign-in, and Interests in Windows 10, make it simple to acquire information at a glance. You don’t need to whip out your phone to check the news, the weather, or the traffic. Everything is now at your fingertips.


It’s crucial to remember that the Windows 11 build is under testing and isn’t yet final. Things may change between now and the final release, but many of these features appear to be included in the final operating system.

The entire scope of what’s to come in Windows 11 will be revealed on June 24 and you will be able to get information about how Windows 11 pro downloads, and we couldn’t be more excited.

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