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Top 10 Usable Google Sheets tricks

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With a clean interface, it is easy to use Google sheet matches to communicate with other people. Also, Google sheets blend well with other Google products. It is the most useful invention mankind has ever made. Google sheets are web-based and are easily accessed by any device from anywhere. It provides a seamless experience as everything is on the cloud. 

Let’s discuss the top 10 usable Google sheet matches tricks and tips that might help you in the future. So, these are the top 10 usable google Sheets tricks.

Send an email within a comment

You can mention someone in a comment referring them with their email address to To ask Someone if there is something you need them to recheck. 

Add heat maps for conditional formatting

To draw attention to something important in the sheets heatmaps Can be used.  It highlights particular values.

To highlight lower and upper values color scale can be applied.  not just to highlight important values this allows making the sheet look more presentable.

Applying filters

Working with the largest set operators you can apply filters to only a few rows of interest. You can also save these filters to use in the future. 

Protect data in cells

You can restrict who can edit the data or hide it from others to see your mistakes. You can lock sheets, even individual cells. If you don’t want to completely lock down your sheet you can turn on the setting that gives you a warning before they are edited.

Import data from a website

You can use different functions to import data from a website to the sheets Including HTML tables, lists, etc.

Translate text

If the sheet contains cells with different languages then you can use the Google Translate function. This function will automatically translate the values into a different language. 

Summarize data quickly 

You can quickly summarise data by using the tricks and tips or functions SUMIFS and COUNTIFS. These functions allow you to define multiple criteria. For example, sum all numbers over a certain value or count the number of rows that contain a particular string or value.

Import from other sheets

You can import data from one sheet to another sheet instead of maintaining multiple sheets. It saves a lot of time. 

Freeze a row or column

You lose track of your data as soon as you scroll away and that is frustrating. Google sheet allows you to a row or a column. It is a cool technique that will make sure these headers are always visible no matter where you go in the worksheet.

Get a list of unique items

You can duplicate all the unique items using the UNIQUE function. To get all the unique names from this, select the cell where you want the names and use the following formula: =UNIQUE(A1:A10).

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