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Best Online Tools For Blogging

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You may be finding valuable content worth sharing on social media- ensure whatever you share grabs attention; people click to read and comment. One way to ensure you earn by sharing your content is by starting your blog. So. this text will tell you about the best online tools for blogging or the best free online blogging tools. Therefore, keep your blog updated by crafting updated blog posts to generate traffic, rank on Google, and start earning from it.

The following are some of the best online tools you can use for blogging:


It is one of the best free online blogging tools you will find out there. The tool has features whereby you can;

Add social share buttons

Email capturing form

And different analytics to the blog

The tool has a premium version that allows you to access more features such as a/b split testing and other advanced templates.

It is the best online platform since it allows the user a lot of power and versatility even when on the free version.


The website can lead the user to questions that people are often asking; these questions can be answered by creating a blog post. Focus on the keyword and answer the questions frequently asked.

Quick sprout

Enter a URL into the tool, and you will get a review of how the website is performing and content. It is easier to draw inspiration from the list provided when you click on the “social media” tab.


As a blogger, I’ve had the opportunity to use the tools mentioned above, and to be honest, it was a splendid experience. What are you waiting for? Make your blogging career blossom by adapting the three main tools we have tackled above.

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