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Ertugrul series sets the craze race to break YouTube records after aeriation in Pakistan

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Considering all the shared set of religious beliefs a famous Turkish Drama serial “Ertugrul” is connecting people just to know the history, what happened in past, what difficulties have been faced to keep up the religion Islam.

this series based on the life and times of the 13th century Muslim Oghuz Turk leader, Ertugrul. Ertugrul was the father of Osman, the founder of Ottoman dynasty and who ruled over the world for like 600 years.

The major concern to telecast it in Pakistan was being showed by the Prime Minister Imran Khan. He insisted the nation that everyone must watch this historical season. People are eagerly creating accounts on Netflix and other streaming websites such as Give me 5.com to finish the fuss of this season.

This season was first being launched in 2014, a lengthy fine-season series produced by Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) and that already hit the screens of more than 60 countries.

In last month, Pakistan Television (PTV) started to air this show along dubbing in Urdu so the public interest could gather with more efficiency. This was being processed under the TRT agreement.

Since then, Ertugrul’s military conquests, family dilemmas and religious convictions have become all the wrath on social media. People are sharing memes and the dialogues have become a part of Pakistan’s cultural lexicon.

Meanwhile, a WhatsApp based campaign is running to urge the viewers for making it most watched YouTube content series ever.

Rafay Mahmood, who has been writing on Pakistan’s entertainment and cultural background for more than a decade said that;

“You have a production, which is of a similar scale to Hollywood, you have dramatic tropes that are very grand, the storytelling is extravagant and when dubbed in Urdu, your colloquial language, it very much becomes an alternative to Western content.” 

NOMAD, a famous Hollywood stunt team was being hired by the producers to deliver the real life bases actions, thriller and action scene based content. Producers spent a huge amount of money on this stuff but they are earning in multiple times than that.

Ertugrul has generated extraordinary interest among its viewers. It’s been said that the first fewer episodes are low in interests but gradually you’ll fall into the deep interest just to what was the next step was taken to save the religion. 

However, it’s conceivably religion that has come to bind millions of viewers with Ertugrul and his legacy. 

Even the dresses females are wearing in the series looks like Balochi Dochi Pashk, dress women from Pakistan southern Baluchistan province normally used to wear.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan became the pointer for Pakistanis as the lone Muslim leader who takes a firm stand on issues of Muslim plight concerning the Rohingya, Kashmir and Palestine, he says;

“I think all of this has added to our interest in the Turks and their history.”

“And quite frankly I can imagine myself as part of Ertugrul’s tribe. But I can never relate to Robin Hood in the same way,” he added.

Consequences on the Generations!!

As the Khilafat e Ottaman was being clearly showed in this series and people are getting to know that Muslims have shared the religious norms and did together whatever they could. Children and youth will get to know the norms, conditions and struggles you would do whenever you will find your religious beliefs in wrong hands.

As if we take an example of Hayme Hatun, the mother of Ertugrul who used to create a balance the love for children with a sense of fairness in the interest of the tribe. Even at a time it was cleared that how perfectly she would carry home chores along the head of tribe ceremonial roles. It’s a good notary example for the modern women to not lose hope even your family, country or religion needs it. We hope this season series will emerge as the best significant player on the minds of people and to be in honest criteria the current era nations need to know what your religion and beliefs are important.

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