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What’s Web 3 and What You Can Do on Web 3.0

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What’s Web 3

Web 3.0 is delineated us as the next generation of the internet. However, before understanding Web3, you should be able to know about Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 which came earlier. Web 1 is the first World Wide Web, which gained prominence in the 1990s thanks to web browsers.

On Web 1.0 you couldn’t do much more except read or publish simple content for others to read. On the other hand, Web2 followed a decade later with the stand-up of different functioning opportunities like Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc.

The majority of instances of the term “web3” refer to a vision of the web’s future in which ownership and control are distributed more fairly. However, this concept is supported by blockchains, which are decentralized digital ledgers. Furthermore, Web 3 represents the next life of the internet. Web 3 (also known as web3 or Web 3.0) is a version of the World Wide Web.

What You Can Do on Web 3

Web 3 enables the spread of cooperative governance frameworks for formerly centralized products. Moreover, a joke, a piece of art, a person’s social media output, or tickets to Gary Vee’s conferences are all examples of tokenization.

Web 3.0, as outlined in 2022, expands on this success by using new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, augmented reality. And virtual reality to create distributed and highly engaging internet experiences. Additionally, the goal of web 3.0 is to make Internet searches substantially effective, simpler, faster, and much more efficient. So that even the most difficult search terms can be processed quickly.

When Can You Start Using Web 3.0?

The most important task remaining is to unify and enforce protocols, which will give Web 3.0 the universality that social media will have by the end of the century. There are also periodic bursts of progress in this area. Startups like Syndicate and Immunefi are working on Web 3.0 technologies, and Moledao, a blockchain-based social platform, recently sponsored a Web 3.0 hackathon.

Web3.0 Technologies

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to Web 3.0 technology. To begin with, the concept is not new. Jeffrey Zeldman, one of the early creators of Web 1.0 and 2.0 applications, expressed his support for Web 3.0 in a blog post in 2006. However, this topic was first discussed in 2001. Furthermore, Web 3 technology is the internet’s future technology.

What Is Web 3 and Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

Web3, which pledges to encourage innovators whilst minimizing their reliance on huge social media platforms, might be established as early as 2022. Moreover, the most latest Internet technology, Web 3.0, combines automation, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology to enable real-time human interaction.

Web 3.0 and Blockchain

It’s impossible to tell whether blockchain and web 3 are the same things or not. In simple terms, blockchain (together with other technologies such as IoT and AI) is the technology that powers web3.0. Blockchain, in particular, is the backbone of web3, as it redefines the data structures in the semantic web’s backend. Blockchain, often known as Ethereum blockchain, is a distributed state machine that enables the deployment of smart contracts.

Criticisms of Web 3

The biggest criticism leveled towards Web 3 technology is that it fails to live up to its promises. Blockchain networks are not equitably distributed in terms of ownership. With early adopters and venture investors holding the majority of the shares. A public feud between Block Inc. CEO Jack Dorsey and numerous venture capitalists over Web 3 recently erupted on Twitter, bringing this topic to the fore.

Evolution of the Web 3.0 Technologies

Web3.0 will emerge as a natural progression of previous web tools paired with cutting-edge technologies such as AI and blockchain. As well as increased user connectedness and internet usage. Internet 3.0 appears to be a step up over its predecessors, web 1.0 and 2.0.

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