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Top 10 Tallest Buildings in the World

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Even though the concept of Skyscrapers started more than a century ago in the United States, the global skyscraper construction boom has been slowly shifting towards the Middle East and China in the last couple of decades and China is leaving no stone unturned to make its presence felt. Five out of ten world’s tallest buildings are in China.


1. Burj Khalifa

Height: 828 Metres

Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building and also the tallest building in Dubai for more than a decade now. Burj Khalifa is 828 Metres in height and has 163 floors that can accommodate 30,000 people.

Chicago-based architecture firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill was responsible for carrying out the building of this massive complex. The construction of this skyscraper took close to 6 years to finish.

Adrian Smith served as the design principal for this undertaking. Throughout the world, The Burj Khalifa has won numerous accolades and been recognized. In addition to numerous hotels, manmade lakes, and commercial centers, it also has parks.


2. Merdeka 118

Height: 678.9 Metres

Merdeka 118 takes the second spot on the list of the world’s tallest buildings. The skyscraper reached its full height as the pointed spire of it has been completed. This allowed Merdeka 118 to surpass China’s Shanghai Tower and take over as the second-tallest structure in the world.

The Australian company Fender Katsalidis created this mega-tall, 118-story building. By the end of 2022, development on the building, which is now underway in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is anticipated to be complete.

The 118 stories of the building will be accommodating office space, a hotel, retail, and residential facilities as well as a double-height observation deck and a restaurant, which is likely to be the highest in South-East Asia.

3. Shanghai Tower

Height: 632 Metres

Shanghai Tower is the world’s third tallest building. It was inaugurated in the year 2014 that took more than 8 years to complete. A staggering 4.2 billion dollars were spent developing this twisted structure.

Shanghai Tower has the highest viewing deck in the world, where visitors can see the entire skyline of Shanghai, as well as a hotel with 258 rooms.


4. Abraj Al-Bait

Height: 601 Metres

The Saudi Arabian government owns the seven-building Abraj Al-Bait complex in Mecca. As part of the King Abdulaziz Endowment Project, these towers were built to promote tourism and provide for pilgrims traveling

………………………g to the city.

The estimated construction cost was $15 billion, and it took seven years to build. Abraj Al-Bait Tower ranks fourth in our list of the world’s tallest buildings and one of the tallest buildings in Saudi Arabia. The building is located very close to the grand mosque in the holy city of Mecca.

It was opened to the general public a decade back in 2011. There are around 96 lifts/elevators in the tower. The clock of this tower can be seen from as far as 30 km and it becomes an observatory tower during the month of the Holy Ramzan.

5. Ping An Finance Tower

Height: 599 Metres

Ping An Finance Center, a 1,965-foot (599-meter) tall tower-skyscraper housing offices, a hotel, a conference center, a high-end shopping mall, and other merchants, is situated in Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. It has 116 floors and is made up of these structures. Its commissioner, Ping An Insurance, has its corporate offices in the tower, which was designed by American firm Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates. Built-in 2017, it is the second-tallest structure in the country and the tallest building in the city. With a 562.2-meter observation deck, it also holds the record for the highest observation deck in a skyscraper.


6. Lotte World Tower

Height: 555 Metres

The nation’s tallest building standing at 1,823 ft. (555.7 meters) with 123 stories in Seoul, South Korea, Lotte World Tower, opened on April 3, 2017. The skyscraper, taking 13 years just to plan and prepare the site for construction, was topped-off on March 17, 2016. Its uniquely designed, Diagrid Lantern-shaped steel roof structure is made of 12 meters long and 20 tons each of bent metal panels. With six underground floors and 123 stories scaling new heights for the nation, it was the first 100-story building in Korea to attain a “Seoul-full” view of the city. It is open 24 hours a day to the public and has offices, shops, a hotel, and residences. In 2016, the Russian-Ukrainian urban explorer Vitaliy Raskalov from Ontheroofs free-climbed to the top of the structure, garnering approximately 5 million views of the adventure on YouTube.


7. One World Trade Center

Height: 541 Metres

One World Trade Center is the seventh tallest building in the world and the tallest building in the US located in the city of New york. The skyscraper has the same name as the original World Trade Center’s north tower that was wrecked in the deadly terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

This structure was designed by David Childs, who is well-recognized for creating iconic skyscrapers including the Willis Tower and the Burj Khalifa.

This skyscraper’s construction was completed three years after the attacks in 2014.  One World Trade Center has a positive impact on the world because of its use of rainwater harvesting and renewable energy.

8. Guangzhou Chow Tai Fook Finance Centre

Height: 530 Metres

The Guangzhou Chow Tai Fook Finance Centre, popularly known as the East Tower, is the third-tallest structure in China and the tallest building in the city. It was built as a multi-use skyscraper. The building’s design was created in March 2009, and work on it officially started that September. By July 2014, it was completed, and by December 2015, it had been covered. It has 111 stories, plus five below-ground floors, and is 1,739 feet (530 meters) tall. Construction was completed in October 2016. The linked podium makes up about 20% of the building’s total gross floor space of 507,681.0 square meters (5,464,633 square feet), which includes a shopping center, offices, apartments, and a hotel.


9. Tianjin Chow Tai Fook Finance Centre

Height: 530 Metres

Tianjin Chow Tai Fook Tower is the ninth-tallest structure in the world and the fourth-tallest structure in China. It is almost the same height as Guangzhou CTF Tower however it was constructed after the Guangzhou Tower which is why it is ranked lower. The construction of this building was completed in 2018.

10. China Zun

Height: 527.7 Metres

After an old warship, China Zun, also called CITIC Plaza, got its name. This 108 floors building was constructed in two phases first in 2017 and then again in 2018. Inaugurated in March 2019 is China Zun, Beijing’s highest structure.


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