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10 Best Tools to Set Up a Micro-Learning Habit

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In this specific text, we will discuss the best micro-learning habit tools. Learning something new every day has a tonne of advantages, from improving life satisfaction to providing conversation starters. Studies even show that learning new things makes you happier and more confident.

Moreover, I’m challenging everyone to choose one of the resources I’ve listed below and make an effort to learn something new every day for the next 30 days in order to experience these advantages.

Micro-Learning Habit Tools


Firstly, highbrow is a free morning email course that comes in bite-sized form. All of the 10-day courses include a variety of topics, from philosophy and science to history and art.


Secondly, love to consume podcasts? Then you’ll fall in love with Listenable’s audio courses! Want to improve your social game and master communication skills? Or maybe you’re looking to learn more about fitness since you’re on a health kick. On Listenable, there is an audio course for every interest.

You may listen to five-minute audio lessons while commuting, working out, or walking the dog with the Listenable. There are more than 3,000 original audio lessons available that were produced by well-known professionals.

Easy Ten

Thirdly, easy Ten is an app to learn any language with ten words a day.


Moreover, get quick and easy-to-digest emails teaching you about subjects like art, science, and history each morning. Each lesson is designed to boost your knowledge in 5 minutes or less. It’s the ideal way for busy people to master being lifelong learners


In addition, a mobile app called Primer offers five-minute marketing tutorials. With Primer, you can quickly study new subjects, receive helpful advice, and even brush up on the fundamentals of marketing.


Additionally, the most fascinating books in business, history, and science are the basis for Hardbound, a series of five-minute illustrated stories.


Drops is a language app that doesn’t let you learn more than 5 minutes per day.


Mainichi is a Google Chrome extension to learn Japanese each time you open a new tab.


Alcamy is a free, open self-learning platform. Learn & teach anything.


Finally, a technology called Blinkist turns nonfiction books into succinct, impactful packets that you can read in only 15 minutes.

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