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5 Steps To Start Your Blog

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There are numerous approaches to beginning a blog. However, I wanted to share what I have accomplished thus far and my future plans. These are the suggestions I have based on my prior knowledge. I’ve started a lot of blogs, both successful and not. In my day job, I’ve also assisted clients with website setup. This should be useful to you in your future undertakings, I hope.

1. Write 10 Posts Before Buying A Domain Name and Hosting

I must admit that I have had a lot of difficulty with this. I’ve made a lot of attempts to start a blog and, regrettably, spent a lot of money. The bulk of the cost was incurred on domain names and hosting. I invested this money just to lose interest in the blog’s subject before I had even written ten pieces.

Writing ten posts before investing in a domain name demonstrates your commitment to the blog. It shows that you’re likely to keep up your blog posting.

Where you write these posts is irrelevant. It might be in Evernote, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or any other format in between. Just keep publishing the first ten posts.

Using a free blog setup will make starting a new blog less important. Examples include Blogger, WordPress.com, and similar sites. But you ought to draught a few posts first before purchasing a domain name and hosting package.

2. Write A Blog Post A Day

The suggestion made above continues with this. I suggest continuing to write at least one blog post every day for a week after you’ve published ten.

Try to write 7 blogs in 7 days if this isn’t doable given your schedule. Thus, there can be 3 on Monday and 4 on Saturday. anything that works for you.

This allows you to assess your consistency, similar to the method described before. You’ll need to write on your blog more frequently than you think if you want to compete.

3. Buy Domain Name and Hosting

Finally! This is for me one of the most thrilling aspects of creating a blog (besides the money part). You’ve now shown to yourself that you’ll maintain your blog with enough consistency. Now is the moment to invest some cash in it.

Most of the time, a year of hosting includes a free domain name. Set up your environment on your preferred host! Because Bluehost is so user-friendly and reasonably priced, I suggest it.

All those blog articles can now be moved from your computer to your website. And after pressing “publish,” you can make them public.

4. Use A Free Theme For Awhile

This is a further level of reality checking. You’ll be utilizing WordPress as your platform if you’re like the majority of bloggers. You may already be aware that WordPress blogs can use any number of premium themes. These range from $9 to more than $100 for a fully functional theme.

I advise adopting a free theme for your blog’s initial few weeks or months of operation. By doing so, you’ll be able to decide what you want from a theme. As you produce and publish pieces, you’ll discover what you don’t need as well.

5. Buy A Good, Minimalistic Theme

In my perspective, investing more money in a great theme is a wise long-term move. Spending an extra $10 or $25 on a theme that will properly fit your blog is preferable. If not, you might subsequently need to purchase another theme. The majority of the themes on ThemeForest are excellent, especially the ones with higher ratings.

In terms of minimalism:

As a frequent blog reader, I prefer straightforward blogs. Both Medium and its uncluttered, minimalist design aesthetic are growing in popularity.

I dismiss the tab on cluttered blogs that have a lot of widgets and animations.

What is best for your readers, in the long run, is also best for you. Readers must stay on your page to read your information. You won’t have time to convince them to buy your stuff if they don’t.

Lower search engine rankings will also result in readers leaving your page quickly. Do your best to reduce your bounce rate because nobody likes that.


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