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Best Puzzle Games for Android

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For thousands of years, puzzles have been a part of our daily life. It is difficult to dispute that the satisfaction of completing a protracted and challenging puzzle is unmatched. Such brain-twisting games are necessary for the optimal functioning of our brain cells as we develop. 

Additionally, considering that we spend the majority of our time online, why not allow for online crossword puzzles to keep our brains sharp?

Here is a list of the top puzzle games for Android that you should think about installing on your device to provide you with all the puzzles you require.


One of the best puzzle games for mobile devices is Sudoku, another timeless problem. Sudoku is a mobile version of the daily newspaper puzzle game that involves arranging numbers both vertically and horizontally.

The grid’s 9×9 numbers range from 1 to 9. (also a standard format). To create the ideal Sudoku, you must make sure that no two grids contain the same number. You can erase a previous entry, get hints, or cross anything out in the game.

In addition, Sudoku provides daily challenges for more mental exercise, allows you to alter the game’s theme, and allows you to remove adverts through in-app purchases.

While the game initially seems challenging, after you get the feel of it, it becomes enjoyable to play and easier. Being a classic free puzzle game, it brought back memories of my school days when I used to play Sudoku using a newspaper.

Bomb Club 

Are you a fan of vivid characters, difficult puzzles, amazing writing, and explosions? The Bomb Club is considered the best puzzle game in the world. Bomb Club has you navigate a vast globe of puzzle stages focused entirely on the art of detonating bombs.

It also features a lovely cast of bomb enthusiasts that are safety-conscious. The goal of each level is to explode every bomb on the field, with bonus points given if you can also ignite any nearby fireworks.

Although the game may appear to be quite simple, the use of various types of bombs adds a great deal of intricacy to it If you want to complete the level and earn the highest possible score, you’ll need to use and position a variety of explosives, including laser bombs, mega bombs, baby bombs, and many more.

As you try to solve a mystery that lies at the heart of this tale, you’ll leave no bomb behind while being delighted by Bomb Club’s humorous banter and eccentric characters. 

The best part is that Bomb Club is completely free, has no commercials, and only offers in-app purchases for optional post-game DLC. Go get Bomb Club right away since it’s an absolute winner!

Brain It On 

Brain It On! is a physics-based puzzle game that encourages you to think outside the box in order to complete each level. Using your finger or a stylus, you can add lines, shapes, weighted items, and anything else you feel will improve each screen. Isn’t it simple?

Through more than 200 levels, the difficulty and creativity increase steadily. Stars are rewarded for completing each level, doing so within the allotted time, and using the fewest possible shapes to solve the puzzles.

Future levels can be unlocked in the free version by accumulating stars. You have the option of paying to remove advertisements only or to remove ads and add tips.

Bridge Constructor Portal  

Bridge Constructor is a fantastic physics-based puzzle game in its own right, but this spin-off expands on it by incorporating all of the bizarre features from Portal and Aperture Laboratories. It takes 60 test chambers to accomplish using portals, propulsion gels, and repulsion gels while avoiding acid pits, deadly lasers, and sentient turrets.

It’s an excellent cross-over title that offers a challenge that will appeal to Bridge Constructors and Portal enthusiasts equally also one of the best puzzle games for children. With so many Portal references, it’s an amazing joy to play, and it even has Google Play Games achievements to encourage repetitive gameplay also considered one of the best puzzle games in the world.

Logic Puzzles, Brain Teasers  

The most enjoyable puzzle games are deceptively easy to play while still providing a mentally taxing challenge. This is an explanation of Logic Puzzles, Brain Teasers, a logic game in which you rotate pieces to make forms of various sizes and which was once known by the infinitely more appropriate moniker of Patterns.

You can see how many shapes to construct for each puzzle as well as how many pieces can be joined for each one. The puzzle can occasionally appear impossible before coming together for no apparent reason, I swear.

If you want to put your logic skills to the test, this is the game to play. There are two modes—timed and Freeplay—with the former being geared toward those who enjoy tension and difficulty.

Although Logic Puzzles Brain Teasers are free to play, you may remove advertisements by purchasing a cup of coffee from the developer via an in-app purchase.

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