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Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

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When it comes to mobile apps, photo editors are a very competitive marketplace. Along with more advanced editors that allow you to work with RAW photos, there are simple editors that let you add filters and effects.

You may change the appearance of your images, enhance the style and feel of your Instagram feed, and surprise your loved ones by using the best photo editing app for Android. You could feel confused and impatient with all the possibilities, both paid and free. 

You are aware that you want the best photo editing app, but you do not have enough time to evaluate each editor before making your final decision.

You have come to the right place if you are searching for the best photo editing app. We’ve gathered and reviewed the best free photo-editing apps for Android to help you put an end to your search.

Adobe Apps

Adobe has developed a number of editing tools in recent years. Some of the top photo editing apps are included. Adobe Photoshop Express, Adobe Photoshop Mix, and Adobe Lightroom are a few of the choices.

Each one offers a range of capabilities that can be used to accomplish tasks. Simple tasks like eliminating red eye and editing RAW files captured with your smartphone or DSLR camera will be possible. 

Particularly Adobe Lightroom receives regular updates with new features. The only possible drawback is that some of them need an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription in order to use all of the capabilities.

Since these are currently included with a CC subscription, those who already use Adobe CC should probably just purchase these.


A great tool for editing pictures of people is AirBrush. It has a number of characteristics that are targeted at individuals, like functions to clear red eyes, remove pimples, smooth skin, and brighten teeth and eyes.

Additionally, there is a bokeh setting that allows you to add a hazy background to any picture. The software also includes a unique camera feature that allows you to alter the picture before you snap it.

As a result, you may frame your selfie for the camera, modify it, and then take the final picture. Some of the more sophisticated functions require a subscription, but you can check them out for seven days without paying anything.


Bazaart is a fairly well-liked photo editor for both versions Android and IOS. A background erasing tool and several tweaks, such as saturation, exposure, contrast, colour, and others, are among the many capabilities the software offers.

Additionally, you receive the standard fare seen in smartphone picture editors, such as filters, text, backdrops, stickers, and other items. The background feature, which allows you to change the background of an existing photo, is the main attraction here.

After the free trial, the app costs $5.99 a month, ranking it as one of the best and most expensive options on the list.

InShot Photo Editor Pro

InShot Photo Editor Pro is a powerful photo editor. This new style editor has a host of features, including stickers, filters, and other similar effects. You may pick and choose the effects you want to download from the app’s collection of effects, which is laid up like a store.

Naturally, a few of them are only accessible with the pro subscription, so be ready for that. In any case, some photographs are edited by it. You can edit pictures, remove objects from them, and it also covers the fundamentals like cropping and other things.

If you use the app regularly, we believe the $7.99 annual subscription fee is rather affordable.

LightX Photo Editor

One of the new photo editing applications is called LightX. There are also a lot of good features. It has a background-changing tool, splash-colour effects, and a variety of slider tools like curves, levels, and colour balancing. Even combining multiple images is possible. 

Additionally, stickers, photo collages, form manipulation, and blur features are available. Still in beta testing. It follows that there are bugs. But eventually, it ought to rank among the top five or so photo editors.


Snapseed is a clear and easy-to-use photo editor tool, despite not having the greatest features. It was created by Google and has an easy-to-use interface. You only need to select the image you want to change to see a variety of possibilities to play around with.

If you want to make a quick adjustment with filters, you can do that. You can also use some pretty useful tools, such as the Healing tool, which is comparable to the new Magic Eraser function on the Pixel 6 series and can be used to erase undesired elements from an image. or even Head Pose to alter how someone’s head appears in a portrait photograph.

It’s an excellent picture editor tool for beginners because it’s free to use and has no ads.


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