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Top Trending Products to Sell Online

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Online shopping is becoming more popular in India, with the number of suppliers and buyers expanding at an alarming rate. The India Brand Equity Foundation predicts a 21.5% increase in overall eCommerce in India by 2022.

In the field of online business, your products are very important. You need to keep up to date with trends, update your goods regularly, and constantly search for improved applications of those trends.

Mobile phones, consumer electronics, footwear, convenience foods, health supplements, beauty products, personal hygiene products, fashion accessories, jewelry, books, toys & games, fitness equipment, and customized gifts are the items that are in high demand from online shoppers.

However there are so many options available and trends are continuously growing, it can be challenging to identify the ones that would work best for your company.

We are providing a list of the products which you can sell online.

Yoga mat

According to Numb Research, an Indian market research agency, India’s 443 million millennials spend an average of INR 4000 per month on health and wellness services and products.

Each year, Google Trends records a rise in interest in yoga mats as a result of the popularity of yoga and the public’s growing understanding of its health advantages.

These mats have experienced a worldwide popularity increase because they can be used for at-home activities including aerobics, pilates, body-weight training, and of course yoga.

Mobile Phones

 Mobile phones are popular products sold on eCommerce platforms. So each brand and model offered on the open market is also offered online. Before purchasing a handset of preference, shoppers can quickly and effortlessly compare models online.

One of the most popular consumer items, 600 million smartphones have been sold in India as of July 2022. 

The Indian smartphone market has been pushed by factors including rising disposable income, less expensive internet, and the need to always be in touch.

Consumer Electronics

eCommerce websites make great platforms for buying and selling consumer electronics including televisions, refrigerators, home theatre systems, digital cameras, etc. India is expected to replace China as the fifth-largest market for consumer durables by 2025.

The market for these items has expanded as newer models and IoT-enabled consumer electronics become more prevalent.


The best location to look for and purchase footwear is definitely online. There are several options, including sneakers, sandals, slippers, and shoes for both men and women. Leading brands from around the world are available for people to pick from.

To select a pair that perfectly balances design, comfort, and quality, you can browse the most recent footwear offerings online. There are many different brands available.

Online, there is a sizable collection. You can choose from stylish stilettos, wedges, peep-toes, ballerinas, and more from the women’s footwear online selection or a pair of oxfords or monk straps from the men’s collection.


When purchased across counters, purchasing exclusive jewelry goods might be a difficult undertaking. Customers can buy a variety of jewelry designs online, from meenakari to handcrafted jewelry, vintage jewelry to lacquer jewelry.ECommerce websites make it simple to choose desired products and make purchases from international leaders.

Fashion accessories

Fashion accessories are the second most popular product category offered online, after jewelry. Indians frequently purchase accessories like watches, headbands, scrunchies, wallets, purses, and handbags online. 

Customers also want to shop online for trendy fashion accessories such as scrunchies, chokers, midi rings, and tattoo sleeves. The younger customer generation is interested in these goods.

Beauty Products

The most popular items purchased online are skincare items like creams, lotions, face masks, moisturizers, and perfumes. Products for hair care, including gel, cream, color, shampoo, and dryers, are popular items sold on eCommerce sites.

Users are becoming more and more fascinated with cruelty-free goods and skin-friendly cosmetics.

Computer Accessories & Software 

Computer hardware and peripherals like desktops, disc drives, printers, scanners, mouse, and switches are widely available in internet marketplaces. Customers can purchase the top brands on the market at incredibly low prices.

Online shoppers also enjoy portable storage units, data card readers, laptop covers, webcams, and other desktop accessories.

Toys and Games

Toys for children can be found in plenty online. The latest remote-controlled vehicles and helicopters are available, as well as classic games like scrabble and snakes-and-ladders.

E-stores have all of your favorite toys. There is something for everyone, including soft toys for babies, lego sets, educational toys, and mechanical toys. Toys are available for everyone; they are not just for children.

Online, you may find a huge selection of entertaining and exciting toys for all age groups, including NERF guns and robotics kits.

Home Décor Items

One of the fastest-expanding markets in the eCommerce industry is home décor. Indians are more likely to purchase home décor items since they have more disposable cash and a preference for high-end products.

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