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Best Tools for Project Management

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Project management tools are the project manager’s response to project management. When it comes to big projects, proper planning, task assignment, deadline setting, enforcing adherence to those deadlines, and time monitoring are all necessary while simple projects only need a checklist.

The usage of the latest tools is essential for effectively quantifying, objectively classifying, segmenting, allocating, and delegating work in a proportionate manner.

Are you looking for project management solutions that will make it easy for you to manage your teams and projects?

You’ve come to the right site if the answer to the above-mentioned question is yes. It wouldn’t be incorrect to claim that introducing new technology, tools, and processes has become essential to improving your position in the current environment.

To improve your performance, here we’ve selected the best project management tools.

Kissflow Project

One of the best free project management tools available is this all-encompassing powerful application. Kissflow Project is the greatest option for a project management application for functional project managers and those who are new to project management.

Kissflow Project hits all the boxes with its comprehensive suite of project management features. Because of its user-friendly and attractive Graphical User Interface, this one-stop solution is a terrific choice for all types of businesses.

While it has all the features of a contemporary project management tool, functional managers with an implied responsibility for project management are its intended audience, not trained project managers.


Trello is a well-known online project management application with built-in teamwork features. It is portable, uncomplicated, and easy to use. It uses boards, lists, and cards to create projects and keep things organized. Inside the cards, users can communicate with one another, share files, and write comments.

Project management solutions like Kissflow Project and reporting choices are insufficient. When one person or a small team is in charge of a few projects at once, it works well.

The basic plan is completely free to use. However, there are expensive plans that include automation, integrations, priority support, and other features.


Asana is a flexible SaaS project management tool that emphasizes teamwork. Workflows are used to automate repetitive processes. It offers a number of simple task displays and supports custom fields and forms. Even more, you can invite an endless number of visitors.

Additionally, there are opportunities for creating unique rules and workflows for approval. Asana has a lot of collaboration and productivity tools, but many of its fundamental project management features are handled through integrations, which may not be optimal for many users.

It works well for companies of all sizes, but it’s not the best option for independent contractors. Although some users find Asana’s design extremely simplistic and the system too restrictive, it provides robust task management and collaboration features.

Zoho Projects 

Zoho Projects is a popular Zoho offering that allows businesses to keep track of tasks, collaborate, track bugs, and run easy reports. The online project management tool includes features like Gantt charts and the ability to bill time for multiple projects at once.

In addition, Zoho Projects has a very strong set of collaboration capabilities, such as live chat and discussion board sites.

Many users claim that the Gantt charts are challenging to use and that large teams might not require a thorough reporting breakdown. The tool itself allows you to share documents.


A cloud-based project management software called Wrike makes project planning simple, tracks team progress, keeps an eye on deadlines, and facilitates collaboration with all stakeholders. It provides many cutting-edge features, like task management, Gantt charts, a real-time newsfeed, and others.

You might prioritize tasks to move the important work forward and guarantee deadlines are fulfilled. Additionally, there are several integration options, which enhance its potency as a project management suite.

For most novice users, the sheer number of options might be intimidating, and the confusing user interface doesn’t help much either. The marketing, software development, and professional services areas of the company are all excellent users of it.


Monday.com’s simple, basic project management software combines an aesthetically pleasing interface with practical project visualizing tools. It offers a straightforward method for organizing your work and is adaptable.

The project templates at the top allow you to create your own boards. There are numerous display possibilities, including the calendar view and the map view.

One common reason why customers are disappointed is a lack of regular activity. For certain clients, using the mobile app is challenging. They also offer robust functionality, superior security, and straightforward customization.


ProofHub provides a single workspace for task lists, workflows, Gantt charts, comments, calendars, and documents. It enables you to schedule, compile, and monitor the work being done by your team. 

Additionally, it facilitates cooperation with outside clients as well as within organizations. Numerous reports, such as resource and workload reports, are available.

ProofHub places a strong emphasis on simplicity and has a very small number of task management integrations. It benefits small and large enterprises of all sorts as well as independent contractors.

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